As the one-year mark of Hurricane Irma approached, the Human Resources and Development Department joined forces with the Marketing Department in order to host a companywide two-minutes reflection. The aim of the two minutes of silence was for employees to not only reflect on the devastating time, but also to remind them of how far we have come as an island and a company.

As employees began gathering at the company’s round-a-bout, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, the CEO came forward to express and share some words of encouragement and motivation to employees as he remembered how dedicated and involved all employees were before, during and after the passing of Hurricane Irma.

“Staff turned out early and at precisely six minutes after nine we were all ready for the two minutes of silence along with the rest of the island,” said Human Resources and Development Manager, Shadira Lont-Richardson. During the two minutes, employees stood quiet and motionless, while holding hands to display the company’s unity and strength. After the two-minute mark, all participants took out their mobiles and held them to the sky which represented TelEm Group’s readiness to provide the best and most reliable telecommunication services despite the any weather conditions.