The Sint Maarten Telecommunication Holding Company N.V. (TelEm Group or the company) is a government-owned company consisting of Sint Maarten Telecommunication Operating Company N.V.; Sint Maarten Telephone Company N.V. (TelEm); TelCell N.V.; St. Maarten International Telecommunication Services (SMITCOMS) N.V.; SMITCOMS Inc.; SMITCOMS Dominicana Ltd.; and as of January 1, 2017, Caribbean Teleview Services N.V. (herein after, referred to as St. Maarten Cable TV or as Cable TV).

The company provides a complete range of telecommunication services to residential and business clients, as well as visitors to St. Maarten by the incumbent company, TelEm which provides landline voice and data services, TelCell N.V. for mobile voice, data services and international voice and bandwidth provided by SMITCOMS N.V. and since January 2017, cable television services and internet services by Caribbean Teleview Services N.V.
TelEm Group is a proud leader in the local telecommunication market, keeping in step with all the latest technological trends, many of which continue to evolve as technologies change and new innovations come onto the market.

The company is especially proud of its commitment to its customers and community, evidenced by the important role TelEm Group plays in the island’s cultural and social heritage. Each year you will find TelEm Group and its personnel involved in the promotion of positive projects for the youth, senior citizens, physically challenged and this year especially, women’s affairs.

As an important pillar in the country’s economic framework, TelEm Group works closely with government and other government-owned companies to deliver on its promised Mission and Vision to make customer satisfaction a number one focus. This collaboration with government has seen the development of several important projects in the telecommunication sector that benefits the community and the country.

TelEm Group presently employs 158 full time and part time personnel of whom more than 95% are St. Maarteners, persons from the Netherlands, or, the former Dutch Antilles islands.

The main office of the Sint Maarten Telecommunication Holding Company N.V. is located on Pond Island, Philipsburg, with branch offices in Simpson Bay and Cay Hill.