TelEm Group personnel are guided by a set of shared CORE VALUES that each member of staff aspires to adhere to. The company also has a VISION and a MISSION that reminds personnel of their promise to be the telecommunication provider of all communication needs for the citizens and visitors of St. Maarten.


“To provide a complete line of Telecom services for everyone, everywhere, with 1st class care and driven by superior technology”


“The best service provider of all communication needs for the citizens and visitors of St. Maarten and beyond”

TelEm’s Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of the organization.

Open & Honest Communication

Open and honest communication is our priority. We always share all relevant information with each other, based on trust.

Customer Oriented
TelEm focusses on internal and external customer needs and customer satisfaction throughout the whole organization. We put the customer first.

We work under all circumstances in harmony with each other to achieve company goals.

Respect is the willingness to show consideration or appreciation to TelEm as an organization, to our colleagues and more importantly to our customers.

Integrity & Trust
Honesty and sound moral principles, in which promises are made and kept. We maintain strict confidentiality at all times and decisions are made to the benefit of the company and customers and not for personal enrichment.

Excellence and Quality
TelEm provides the highest quality of the products and services. We want to be the best at everything we do

Responsibility & Accountability
We take responsibility and are held accountable for our decisions, actions, words and outcomes. We take ownership of these.