Welcome to the friendly island of Sint Maarten. TelEm is the island’s #1 Telecom provider and offers you mobile, home internet, TV, and landline services. We know that high speed internet is a must for your studies, and we have exactly what you need. TelEm offers you high speed internet for an affordable price to get you all settled in and ready for the new semester we have an exclusive AUC student offer.

Duo Play

Landline + Internet in one complete package. Enjoy St. Maarten’s fastest internet without limitations! Watch movies, send e-mails, browse the web, shop online, keep in touch with family and friends. Use the internet the way you want, TelEm has the right package for you. Your usage is unlimited, which means more of everything with the fastest internet connection on Sint Maarten! You can now enjoy Internet on the island fastest and most reliable Fiber network and there is MORE.

Triple Play

TelEm proudly presents: TelTV. TelTV is St. Maarten’s premier IPTV service. With a multitude of television programs to select from, you can enjoy your TV viewing experience all day long from the comfort of your living room couch. Our Triple Play packages are conveniently bundled to include Internet, Phone and TV, providing our customers with convenient service and pricing. You can now enjoy Triple Play on the island fastest and most reliable Fiber network.

With both Duo and Triple play packages you will get a landline with monthly $10 call credit to make national and international calls!

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Fiber Packages

Apply for Fiber Duo or Triple Play today and benefit from the special Fiber offer and get your internet modem and installation for FREE. As AUC student you also get $15 discount on your internet package of choice. All packages include $10 credit. This will be monthly credited on your landline phone to make local and international calls.