In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Human Resources and Development Department joined forces with the Health Bus and organized an In-house Information Session targeted at Breast Cancer Awareness. The event consisted of two parts which aimed at both informing employees about the issue as well as allowing them to be screened by a licensed professional.

Informational sessions were given by Elektra form the ELEKTRALYETS Foundation whose main message was that ‘Early Detection Saves Lives.’ The radio personality shared about herown personal experience with finding a lump.She encouraged attendees to pay keen attention to their breasts so that they may notice any small changes right away. Elektra also taught participants how to perform at home screenings on a regular basis.

After attending the information sessions, employees, both male and female went into the medical examination offices within the building to be examined by medical personnel from the St. Maarten Medical Center as well as students from the American University of the Caribbean.The event was well received, as approximately 60 employees both male and female attended to show their support to the cause. Attendees also received a goodie bag which contained various Breast Cancer Awareness items.