TelEm is pleased to now offer existing CableNET customers in Fiber ready areas: Internet, Phone and TV on the islands fastest and most reliable Fiber optic network. Enjoy faster internet now with more download and upload speed! TelEm is upgrading your existing CableNET service to our Fiber Optic Network and will discontinue your current CableNET connection. To make it even better, since you are an existing customer there is no installation fee to upgrade to Fiber! Apply online at your own convenience. Fill out the form below and submit your application form. You will be contacted within a couple days by our TelEm Fiber team to complete your Fiber installation.

If your area is not listed you can't apply for TelEm Fiber at this moment.

Personal Information

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* When you apply for postpaid package a registration form from the Census Office no older than 6 months or utility bill no older than 2 months must be included with this application form.

Distribution of bills

Fiber Packages

Select your Fiber package below. You can choose between: Landline, DUO Play and Triple Play. All prepaid packages have an extra charge of $10. This extra charge will be monthly credited on your landline to make local and international calls.