How to pay my TelEm & Cable TV bill?

TelEm offers various way to pay your bill at your own convenience. Prefer to pay cash, credit/debit card, check, online or via standing order?

TelEm accepts cash bill payments. You can pay your bill with cash at one of the cashiers at one of the TelEm branch offices. Make sure you have your account number, invoice or landline number at hand. Currencies accepted Antillian Guilder (ANG) and United States Dollar (USD).

Credit Card/Debit Card
Do you wish to pay with a credit or debit card? All major credit cards are accepted at all branch locations. The Maestro (Bankomatiko) Debit Card is also accepted at all branch offices.

TelEm also accepts Personal or Business Checks. You can visit any TelEm branch and drop off your check in the checkbox or pay at the cashier.

Online Payment

Pay your TelEm bill from the comfort of your home by following the steps in the video below.

Pay your TelEm bill online using the bank information listed below:

WIB: TelEm E-Payments: ANG Acct. #21473904

WIB: TelCell E-Payments: ANG Acct. #21525902

WIB: TelEM N.V.: USD Acct. #200684-07

WIB: TelEM N.V.: ANG Acct. #873145-04

RBC: TelEm N.V.: USD Acct. #8200000004534398

RBC: TelEm N.V.: ANG Acct. #8200000002425004

Republic Bank: TelEm N.V.: USD Acct. #716505001001346

Republic Bank: TelEm N.V.: ANG Acct. #716505001001347

For bank transfers and check payments specify your TelEm Group or Cable TV account number. 

Standing Orders
Via The RBTT Bank, The Windward Islands Bank Ltd., The Bank of Nova Scotia and The First Caribbean Bank. By way of Credit Card, visit our branch office.

Exchange Rate: Ang to US $ = 1. 78

Please note that it take 2 business days for payments to be received. To avoid any penalty fees and disconnection, online payments should be made 2 business days before due date.