How to recharge my Landline account?

TelEm offers you various way to recharge your Landline account. Top Up online at your convenience, visit one of our Top Up resellers or TelEm Branches.

TelEm Fixed Prepaid cards
The TelEm Fixed Prepaid cards are now “MULTI SERVICE Pre-paid Cards” available at all TelEm Group locations and selected resellers in US$ 40, US$ 20, US$ 10 and US$5 denominations.

To recharge your account with a fixed prepaid cards:
Scratch off the gray box to reveal your PIN Number. Dial * 511 and follow the voice prompt instructions Enter the PIN number printed on the card when requested.

Top-up Resellers
Simply, the easiest way to recharge your prepaid account! Top-Up service is available at all TelEm Group offices and at over 150 resellers Island wide. Simply provide the agent with the phone number and the amount you would like to add to your prepaid account. Top-Up any amount between $1 to $200 at a time. It will be instantaneously added directly to your prepaid account. $10, $20 and $40 Top UP cards are available ready for you to buy. Available by our branch offices and by our many resellers
For a list with all Top Up resellers on St. Maarten click here.

Top-up Online
Top Up your account anytime anywhere via our online top up service. Click here to Top Up online

To check your account balance
Dial *512 and follow the voice prompt instructions.


  1. Your account expires 60,30 or 15 days after each reachrge of your account; see table below
  2. Ensure that you recharge your account before the expiration date or you will lose your current balance.
  3. If you do not recharge your account for a period of 90 days (3 months) your account will be terminated.

Recharge Expiration

$ 40 Card 60 Days
$ 20 Card 60 Days
$ 10 Card 30 Days
$ 5 Card 15 Days