Data Plans

Want MORE get MORE! With TelCell’s upgraded data plans we give you MORE. TelCell offers a variaty of prepaid mobile data plans to fit your data needs. Activate a daily or monthly data plan, you choose what you use. You can activate your service simple and easy on the go. No invoices, no extra charges and no bill shock. With a TelCell prepaid data plan you are in control of your data usage. TelCell’s data services can be used on our 2G/3G and LTE network. Activate your data plan today and feel the speed on the fastest and most reliable network! 

Your Mobile Prepaid benefits
Activate your prepaid data in 3 easy steps:


SMS: DATA ON to 1001SMS: DATA ON to 2001SMS: DATA ON to 2004SMS: DATA ON to 3001

*All prepaid data plans have a fixed activation period, remaining balance will not roll over. Upon subscription you will receive a SMS with the expiration date of your data plan. If data plan depletes before the expiration date you can request a new data plan.

Postpaid SMART Plans

Data, voice & SMS together in one monthly plan. Now that’s SMART!

Data Management

Always running out of data? Find out how to better manage your mobile data.

Data Settings

Make sure your phone settings are set for TelCell data before activating data services.

Check your data balance

Wondering how much data you have left? You can simply check your data balance by sending a SMS.