Data, minutes and SMS included in your postpaid smart plan are only for usage on St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. If you are traveling for business, but want to stay in touch with your colleagues and customers using your TelCell number you can roam. When roaming you are able to continue your phone service outside of your mobile operator’s cellular network. You are able to make calls and access the internet when you travel internationally due to the agreements TelCell has with other network operators.

Your International data roaming tips

Mobile Postpaid Roaming

When roaming, you can continue your phone service outside of your mobile operator’s cellular network. Making phone calls, sending text messages and using your mobile data while traveling are all a way of roaming. Roaming is not free and will be charged separately to your postpaid account.


When you are registered to another operator’s cellular network, incoming calls will be charged. The charges for incoming calls vary and depend on the originated destination and the destination you are at when receiving the phone call. To avoid high roaming fees, only answer or make urgent phone calls

Text Messages

When roaming, sending & receiving text messages will be charged separately.


When traveling and using your mobile data, you will be charged separately for all your data sessions. These charges vary which can run up your expenses, causing a bill shock. To prevent customers from getting a bill shock TelCell has set a data roaming limit. Once the data roaming limit is reached your data will become inactive.

To avoid data roaming charges, make sure to always disable data roaming in your phone settings. This will prevent your phone from registering onto another network for data usage. Only turn on data roaming when you are in urgent need of your mobile data. Advise is also not to download email attachments, videos, or images as these require a lot of data. Close all your applications and turn off push notification. If a Wi-Fi connection is available always connect and turn off data roaming.

What are the costs?

The roaming charges vary per destination according to the agreement we have with the different cellular network operators.

How to activate roaming?

To prevent a bill shock all postpaid smart plan accounts are blocked for roaming and will only be activated for roaming upon customer’s request. Contact our Customer Service before your trip to activate roaming services. If your mobile plan is part of a Company Account, a permission letter signed by the manager or director is required in order to activate roaming.