Great value for your phone services at your business TelEm Group anticipates and enables the future of communications solutions. No matter what your business does, voice communication is a critical element of success. Installing a dedicated (IP)PBX in your business can provide you a number of important competitive advantages for your company.

TelEm offers solutions from basic business communications to sophisticated unified communications. TelEm Group works with the industry leading manufacturers of PBX systems to ensure the latest products and technology are available for our customers. One of the latest spin-offs of business telecom technology is Hosted PBX. This solution allows small and medium sized businesses to have a sophisticated system without the equipment investment.

Your benefits
• Shared resources
• Lower costs
• Easy expansion
• Advanced features

Hosted PBX

A Hosted PBX is a technology which allows small and medium sized businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without making a large investment in telephone equipment. It is a virtual phone system hosted for you by TelEm. With a hosted PBX system employees are able to work from home, hotel or on their mobile phones while still being connected to the same office telephone system at an attractive price that fits within your company’s budget.

Benefits Hosted BPX:

• Low setup costs
• No maintenance costs
• User-friendly
• Mobility