Fiber areas

TelEm is currently busy deploying Fiber on Sint Maarten. Do you want to know if you area is ready for TelEm service on Fiber? Take a look at the listing below to see if your area is listed and ready for Fiber.

Point Blanche

write name colum
Ficus Aurea Apartments
Greenway Drive
Oceans Drive 1-30

Aqua Marina Amazone Road, Mississipi Drive
Aventura Building Tigris Road
Blue Marine Hudson Road, Building 1-4 + Huma I-R
Cupecoy Beach Club Rhine Road 5
Jordan Village Jordan Road 15, Building A-F + Building I-R
Palm Court Jordan Road
Point Pirouette Amazone Road
Porto Cupecoy Rhine Road 66

Date Mussel Road
Limpet Road
Sundial Road
Surf Clam Drive
Surf Clam Road
The Plateau
Wentel Road

write name colum write name column
Booby Road Laughing Bird Road
Black Tern Road Merlin Road
Blue Jay Drive Mocking Bird Road
Eagle Road Mountain Dove Road
Falcon Drive Peacock Road
Flamingo Road Pelican Road
Goldfinch Road Pigeon Road
Great Blue Heron Drive Sand Piper Drive
Ground Dove Road Trush Road
Gullin Road Turnstone Road
Humming Bird Road Yellow Bird Road

Benny Goodman Drive Louis Armstrong Drive
Billie Holiday Drive Rice Hill Estate Drive
Count Basie Drive Rice Hill Estate Road

Airport Road
Beach Comber Drive
Beacon Hill Road
Fan Coral Road
Fr. Alfie Heillegger Road
Peterson's Drive
Roberts' Drive
Simpson Bay Road
Sr. Agnes Drive
Sr. Modesta Road
Sr. Patientia Houtman Road
Sea Urchin Road
Staghorn Coral Road
Vlaun's Drive
White Sands
White Sands Road

Arch Road Hispanola Road Pope Cactus Drive
Bell Cactus Drive James Tucker Samuel Drive Prickle Pear Road
Bunny Ears Cactus Drive Jumping Cholla Cactus Road Sedums Cactus Road
Chin Cactus Drive King Of The Sea Drive Soualiga Road
Cinnamon Cactus Road King Of The Sea Road Sucker Garden Road
Duke Drive Mathew's Lane Sun Cactus Drive
Doodle Doo Cactus Drive Opuntia Cactus Road Umbrella Cactus Road
Experiment Estate Drive Merite Shell Road The Hope Estate Road
Fero Cactus Drive Nipple Cactus Drive Keys Road Lane
Gold Finger Road Organ Pipe Cactus Road
Hedgehog Cactus Road Pendant Cactus Road

Baby Deep Scallop Road Scallop Shell Road
Carved Scallop Road Zig Zag Scallop Drive

My area is listed. How do I apply for Fiber?
We have great news for you! Your area is ready for TelEm service on Fiber, you can now enjoy internet at the speed of light. To apply for TelEm services on Fiber please confirm if you are a new customer or an existing TelEm customer below, and follow the instructions.

New customer         Existing customer

My area isn’t listed. When will I be able to apply for Fiber?
TelEm is busy deploying Fiber on the entire Dutch side of Sint Maarten. If your area isn’t listed at the moment you will be notified when your area is ready for Fiber. We kindly ask you for your patience. You can apply for our services on the copper network available in your area.