Fiber areas

TelEm is currently busy deploying Fiber on Sint Maarten. Do you want to know if you area is ready for TelEm service on Fiber? Take a look at our map below to see if your area is listed and ready for Fiber.

My area is listed. How do I apply for Fiber?
We have great news for you! Your area is ready for TelEm service on Fiber, you can now enjoy internet at the speed of light. To apply for TelEm services on Fiber please confirm if you are a new customer or an existing TelEm customer below, and follow the instructions.

New customer         Existing customer

My area isn’t listed. When will I be able to apply for Fiber?
TelEm is busy deploying Fiber on the entire Dutch side of Sint Maarten. If your area isn’t listed at the moment you will be notified when your area is ready for Fiber. We kindly ask you for your patience. You can apply for our services on the copper network available in your area.