I am an existing customer

TelEm has great news for you. If you received a Fiber letter in your mailbox it means that TelEm is pleased to offer you their services: internet, phone and TV on the islands fastest and most reliable Fiber optic network! As an existing customer your services will be migrated from our current copper network to our new, and improved Fiber optic network.

What does this mean for you?
As an existing customer this means that we will migrate your existing TelEm services from copper to Fiber. In this process we are kindly asking for your assistance to complete this migration, and for us to continuing delivering our services to you.

What are the costs?
For customers who have an existing TelEm connection, there are no costs involved. TelEm will install Fiber to your home for free to an assigned spot in your home. Note: If you wish to have the Fiber connection elsewhere in your home, additional costs will be charged directly to you by the contractor making the installation.

Do I have to migrate to Fiber?
In order for TelEm to continue delivering our services to you the migration is required. TelEm will decommission it’s copper network in you area soon. This means that TelEm will have to discontinue your services if you wish not to be migrated to Fiber.

What do you have to do?|
Confirm my account information click on the link to confirm your account information or benefit now from our Special Triple Play offer below and upgrade your current service to Triple Play. Once you confirmed your account details or choose to upgrade the Fiber installation process will start and soon after you will be contacted by our TelEm Fiber team to schedule an appointment.

Triple Play
TelEm proudly presents: TelTV. TelTV is St. Maarten’s premier IPTV service. With a multitude of television programs to select from, you can enjoy your TV viewing experience all day long from the comfort of your living room couch. Click here to find out more about Triple Play, view our channel listing and packages and apply online today! Triple Play packages starting from $120 per month. Sign up for Triple Play now and benefit from our special Fiber offer and as an existing customer you save $100. Click here to learn more about Triple Play.

Special offer: Upgrade your service and get your TV Set Top Box for FREE!
($100 value TelTV set top box)

Fiber Installation Process
After confirming your TelEm account details or upgrade to another service package the Fiber installation process will start. The TelEm Fiber team will contact you within a couple of days to schedule an appointment for your Fiber installation. It’s required for the customer to be at home during the installation process. Once your installation is completed you can enjoy TelEm services on the island’s fastest and most reliable Fiber optic network!