How to apply

You can only apply for Fiber when the area you live in is ready for service. When you area is ready for service, you will receive a letter combined with an application letter. A filled out and signed application letter grants us permission to install TelEm fiber on your property and to connect you to our Fiber services.

What are the costs involved in TelEm fiber to my house?

We have good news for you, the TelEm fiber installation is at no cost for exisiting customers! For exisiting customers there will be a one time installation fee of ANG 255 / $ 126.4. For more information about the Fiber services click here.

What happens if I don’t want to sign up for TelEm fiber to my house?

TelEm is replacing its copper network with Fiber and will no longer maintain the copper network in your area. If you have a copper connection from TelEm at the moment, we advise you to sign up for TelEm fiber. If you are a new customer and would like to have sign up for our landline and internet services you have to apply for TelEm fiber.