Choose one of our postpaid landline plans and enjoy connecting with your family and friends from the comfort of your own home.

With TelEm’s postpaid landline services you can dial local, mobile and international destinations without any restrictions, to make communicating quite easy. You can also use your postpaid landline to access the internet. Enjoy the convenience of calling from your home or office while controlling your costs by choosing a postpaid landline plan that is best suitable for you and your calling needs.

Great benefits for Landline Postpaid

Landline – Landline Postpaid Calling Rates

TelEm Landline - TelEm Landline$ 0.084 per minute
Peak (7am-7pm) per 3minutes$ 0.11 per minute
Off Peak (7pm-7am) per 6 minutes$ 0.11 per minute
Call completion per call$ 0.11 per minute

Landline – Mobile Postpaid Calling Rates

Peak (7am-7pm) per minute$ 0.28 per minute
Off Peak (7am-7pm) per minute$ 0.24 per minute
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) per minute$ 0.24 per minute
Call completion per call$ 0.11 per minute

*Calls are charged per minute, for calls less than a minute you will be charged for one minute. All incoming calls are free of charge.

DUO Play

The convenience of home internet and landline in one package

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