Customers choose our Fixed Prepaid service for ease of use and efficiency. It’s also very affordable and tailormade to suit your own budget requirements.

With TelEm Fixed Prepaid, you can pay up front for your fixed line telephone service for access to local, mobile and international destinations without any restrictions at all. Valued customers who also require access to the Internet and the World Wide Web, are able to do so via their own TelEm Fixed Prepaid line. Enjoy the convenience of calling from your home or office while controlling your cost and reducing the possibility of fraud; best of all you get no bill at the end of the month. Either way you’re in control.
Great benefits for Landline Prepaid
Landline Prepaid Calling Rates
  • TelEm Landline – Local mobile & landline
  • $ 0.25 per minute

*Calls are charged per minute, for calls less than a minute you will be charged for one minute. All incoming calls are free of charge.
For international rates click here

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