TC Go - Postpaid

TC GO is a specially designed for data user who are always on the go. Stay connected at high speeds wherever you go with TelCell’s TC GO Postpaid plans. This plan can be used in any mobile device or personal hotspot device. You can create your own private Wi-Fi network to browse the internet, answer emails and stay up to date with your social media. With a TelCell TC GO Postpaid plan your services will automatically be renewed every month. You receive a monthly invoice per mail for your subscription.


Sign up for TC GO Postpaid today and take advantage of all the benefits

  • Portable, small and easy to carry
  • Unlimited way to stay connected 24-hours a day
  • Connect up to 15 Wi-Fi devices at once
  • Easy set up

How to apply?
To apply for a TC GO Postpaid plan, please visit one of our TelEm branches. Our customer services representatives will be ready to assist you.
Make sure you have the required documents at hand:

  • Local ID/Passport
  • Proof of address (registration form from the Census Office no older than 6 months,or utility bill no older than 2 months) must be included with this application form. If this cannot be provided, a recent census registration form from the Census Office (not older than 6 months) in combination with a non-local ID is also acceptable


3.5GB 6GB 10GB
$32.50 $52.50 $82.50

*All postpaid data plans have a fixed activation period, remaining balance will not roll over. Your data plan will automatically renewed on the 1st day of every month. If data plan depletes before the expiration date you can request additional data.

Need more data?
If you have a postpaid TC GO package and run out of data in the middle of the month you can now add extra data. Activate 1GB of data for $10. Text “GO ON” to “1030”. The $10 will be charged to your account and appear on your next invoice.