TC Go - Prepaid

Take your data connection with you, TelCell’s TC GO plans are perfect for a personal hotspot device or tablet. TC GO is an affordable data only service. With TelCell’s TC GO plans you will always be connected, wherever you are. It is perfect for students and even kids can enjoy internet while on the go.

Get your Alcatel Linkzone today and take advantage of all the benefits

  • Easily activate on the go
  • Unlimited way to stay connected 24-hours a day
  • Enjoy island fastest mobile data network
  • Fits in any mobile device

To activate one of TelCell’s TC GO prepaid plans a data only SIM card is required. This SIM card can only be used for activation of one of the TC GO plans and can’t be used to make or receive phone calls. Visit one of our TelEm branches for a data only simcard. Once you have purchased a data only SIM card and recharged the SIM card with sufficient credit to activate one of the TC GO prepaid plans, you insert the SIM card in the device you wish to use. This device can be a tablet, phone or a portable hotspot device. Follow the activation instructions by selecting your plan and sending a text message with the correct activation code to “1030”.


$20 $30 $50
SMS: GO 2GB to 1030 SMS: GO 3GB to 1030 SMS: GO 5GB to 1030

*All prepaid data plans have a fixed activation period, remaining balance will not roll over. Upon subscription you will receive a SMS with the expiration date of your data plan. If data plan depletes before the expiration date you can request a new data plan.

Need more data?

Run out of data in the middle of the month? You can easy re-activate a data plan of choice by sending a text message to “1030” followed by the plan you wish to activate OR you can apply for a TC GO Postpaid plan.

Connected up to 15 devices

Get your personal hotspot device and stay connected on the go with TelCell TC GO Data Plans.