Smartie Junior

A cost effective TelCell postpaid plan for juniors up to age 21 and seniors 60+

Smartie Plan Junior

TelCell has a cost effective postpaid plan specially designed for youngster up to age 21. Juniors can now call their mom, dad and home phone for FREE within the Smartie Plan package. Parents no longer have to top up their children’s phones. So no more “Mom please top me up” or “Dad I’m out of data”. The Smartie Plan is an all in one package, including: DATA, MINUTES & SMS.

Sign up for a Smartie Plan for only $25 per month, 4 gigs of data, 100 local minutes and 150 SMS

Take advantage of these benefits

  • No more top up or data activations
  • 100% controlled by parents
  • For youngsters up to age 21
  • Call mom/dad’s cell or home phone FREE

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$254GB100 min150 SMS

How does it work?

A Smartie Junior Plan is a plan specially designed for the youth and controlled by the parents. In order to apply for a Smartie Plan the parent must have an active Smart Plan. You will be able to add up to 4 Smartie Plans to your Smart Plan account. Once you sign up your child for a Smartie Plan he/she will receive a monthly allowance of 4GB of data, 100 minutes (local numbers only) and 150 SMS. There is MORE! Your child will be able to call your mobile number for free (attached Smart Plan) + a landline number. This means that even when they finish their minutes they will still be able to call these two numbers at NO charge. Every 1st day of the month the plan will automatically be renewed. The monthly subscription of $25 will be added to the parent’s Smart Plan invoice.

Requirements Smartie Plan Junior:

  • The parent or guardian of the junior must have an active Smart Plan. Smart Plan Packages Once a parent or guardian has an active Smart Plan they can add up to four (4) Smartie Plans account to their Smart Plan.
  • Junior can’t be older than 21 and must have a valid ID/Passport

How to apply?

  • Visit the TelEm main branch
  • ID/Passport Parent
  • ID/Passport Junior

No bill shock! When the package is depleated before the end of the month the services will stop automatically. Only the free calls to mom, dad or a home phone will remain active.

Be SMART! Visit one of the TelEm branches today and sign up for a Postpaid Smartie Junior Plan.

Postpaid SMART Plans

Data, voice & SMS together in one monthly plan. Now that’s SMART!