Preview our new TelTV+ features in the preview videos below. Watch TV on your SMART TV, Android/iOS device, tablet or computer from up to five devices simultaneously.

With TelTV+ you don’t have to miss your favorite TV show or movie. You can now schedule your recording in advance, we got you covered with up to 24 hours of recording space. Pause in between shows and movies or rewind in case you missed it! Prefer to watch your movie in HD quality you can now adjust the quality while watching online on the TelTV+ platform click here to login and start watching.

Login to your account

Manage your TelTV+ account click here and login with the information shared with you upon application.
You can now manage your devices, watch TelTV+ online and take advantage of all the new features.

With TelTV+ you can now watch TV on 5 devices simultaneously.
Manage your devices in your TelTV+ account by adding and removing devices.

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