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TelTV+ FAQ’s

TelTV+ is St. Maarten’s brand-new IPTV High-Definition television service. Featuring 150 channels and a host of power-packed features for all tele-viewing tastes, TelTV+ is designed to be affordable and caters to all age groups and a diverse St. Maarten community. Key features of TelTV+:

  • Customized packages for Sports, Entertainment or Movie lovers.
  • Personal live recording of shows and events.
  • Option to view programs on cell phones, PC and TV, anywhere and at any time.

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TelTV+’s Basic Package, with 100 channels, is $35 per month and Premium Package, with 150 channels, is $75 per month.

Additional packages such as Entertainment and Movies packages is $15 per month. The Sports package is $20 per month.

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You can apply online or visit one of our TelEm branches. Once you submit your application you will soon be contacted to finalize the installation process.  Click here to apply online.

TelTV+’s Basic package hosts 100 channels that can be complimented with 3 add-ons: Movie package with 8 channels, Entertainment package with 30 channels, and Sports with 3 channels. You can either individually choose your add-ons or take all with our Premium package which boasts 150 channels.

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To optimize your experience on TelTV+ we recommend a minimum DSL or Fiber connection of 12 Mbps.

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Your TelTV+ set top box comes with a username & password which provides you with access to 3 simultaneous streams from different devices (i.e. TV, computer, phone, or tablet). Each additional set top box provides you with 1 additional login. A maximum of 5 simultaneous streams is permitted per account.

Setting up your TelTV+ box is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Connect the set top box to your TV via a HDMI or A/V cable, as well as your Ethernet cable (RJ45),
  • Turn on the set top box, once the TV launcher interface of TelTV+ is displayed,
  • Proceed to sign in with your login details (Username & Password provided by Customer Service).

Once you are logged in, begin setting up your profile, once your profile has been created and confirmed, you will automatically be taken to the TelTV+ platform. Next, the main menu will show different options such as, Home, Television, Recordings, TV Guide, Radio, and Settings, for you to choose from as you navigate through your new TelTV+. Once you have arrived at this stage you have the option to personalize your channels and more.

Your TelTV+ Box is ready for you to experience and explore all your favorite channels now.

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