1. Call Forwarding

Allows you to forward incoming calls to another telephone number; this number can be your home, work, cellular and/or even an international number.
To activate: press #72
To deactivate: press #73

2. Call Waiting

This feature allows you to put a call on hold while you answer a second incoming call. A beep-tone alerts you of another incoming call. Press the hook or the flash key to receive the second call.

3. Cancel Call Waiting

To deactivate: simply hang up the phone. Allows you to disable the Call Waiting feature for the duration of a call. This feature is commonly used when a call is not to be disturbed. After the call is completed, call waiting is restored to the subscriber’s line.
To activate: press *70; listen for two beep-tones then proceed as normal.

4. Caller ID

Allows you to identify the caller by number

5. lncoming Call Baring (upon request)

This feature prevents you from receiving calls.

6. Outgoing Call Baring (upon request)

This feature disallows you to make outgoing calls.

7. Self Block Code

Allows a subscriber to control their local and International calls by using a four (4) digit pin code.
To activate: press *341, Enter your 4-digit PIN # as prompted and make your call(s).
To deactivate: press *351 and hang up

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